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Sandvik’s Surface Top Hammer drill rigs are well known for their high penetration rates and outstanding fuel economy. Coupled with low operating costs and better reliability, they are a popular choice when it comes to surface drilling rigs. However, these machines are complicated and blast-hole drilling is a difficult job. Sandvik’s new on-board software tool, Driller’s Office – designed for TIM3D drill rigs, helps make it a whole lot easier.

The Driller’s Office software puts your entire drilling process experience at your fingertips, helping to manage time and consumables more efficiently. Programmed for surface drilling process management, the software suite enables much-improved drilling accuracy, hole quality, and blasting results. Operators are often in a conundrum when it comes to managing quarrying applications – thankfully, Driller’s Office helps do everything from looking at plan designs to performing drilling data management and reporting.

The Features

 With any tool designed for controlling surface rigs, it is important that there is plenty of room for customization. Sandvik’s Driller’s Office has the ‘job site logic’ feature which enables simple visualizations of the drilling pattern and terrain models in 3D. Driller’s Office also saves a considerable amount of time and energy with the Drill Plan Wizard which quickly creates basic drilling plans. The Drill Plan Editor helps operators do everything from calculating hole positions to managing floor levels and the Measuring and Marking Tool ensures a seamless start to each new pattern. All communication from the rig is wireless and handled over a mobile data connection, which improves job safety.

There are also a number of useful reporting tools, enabling operators to know all relevant information including the drilled hole coordinates and the drill plan. This information is available in real time, meaning operators have access to immediate drilling results which aids in the planning process and enables them to make necessary adjustments in a timely manner.

Perhaps the most impressive feature is that Sandvik’s Driller’s Office uses the existing job site, meaning no default bench models. The software suite is tailored to each individual quarry, pit, or mine and is updated daily meaning less down time and more drilling time!